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Shack Nasties

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Well lets see, Most of you have the shack nasties so lets ramble.

I Have been fishing about 3-4 days a week and catching fish consistently every time out. It is totally awesome to live in california and not have to deal with snow and ridonkulously cold temperatures.

But I havnt been fishing this weekend as I slept in to late and had to go to a sweet 16 party that night, Fishing was out of the question on saturday and now today I am not able to do any fishing either. And on Monday, A holiday for me will not be any fishing either. I have to go to a optometrist appointment to most likely get glasses. But whatever it will help my focus because fly tying has messed up my focus..

Really though I do not mind because I have been fishing plenty so not fishing for a while is totally fine with me.

Tight lines guys!
and thanks for reading my ramblings.
heres some pictures as a little reward for reading my BS.



  1. DDRRedneck500's Avatar
    hey great photos! im still waiting for it to warm up before i can get out on the water. thanks for sharing though