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My Summer Report (2008)

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This summer has been extremely busy, I've fished the fewest amount of days this summer than I ever have....but it's been fun taking care of the kids. Oh and moving into a new house.

I did find time to fish the beginning of summer (goldens posted earlier) and managed a camping trip a couple of weeks ago with my girls.

Without the long narrative here are the highlights.

The girls ready to go

First bow of the trip

The girls were as interested at fishing much this trip they were more interested in letting fish a section and then go in the water and turn over rocks and looking for things.

I caught my largest brown of the trip in a pool just below where I caught the rainbow however, he as I was getting him out of the net he decided he wanted to get out and jump out of the net and my hand and landed in the water and swam away.

A nice brook

A quick stop at a very windy upper owens....landing this brown

I caught another about the same size and there was a huge jumping rainbow who would have nothing to do with me...I believe I caught him last year :scratch:

As mentioned I didn't fish as much as have in past summers but I have made the most of the time out....and camping with the girls is always a blast.


  1. cholcomb13's Avatar
    The girls enjoyed going to mammoth and using there facilities

  2. Steve Molcsan's Avatar
    Outstanding report & great photos, congratulations on the new house..
  3. rtidd's Avatar
    Now HERE is a family after my own heart. That pink rod looks sufficiently familiar, as in worm drowning equipment. YES!!! Train your girls the 'proper' way to fish.

    You can ignore me.. I don't fly fish, I just update this site from time to time, and I just updated the blog software, and this is a test.... Then again.. WORMS RULE!!! --Ron--

    Nice blog btw...
  4. cholcomb13's Avatar
    Ron, the worm flinging equipment only throws hand tied egg patterns and an occasional nymph....great success on the egg patterns