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Golden Nuggets

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Friday was the day. I had originally planned a two day camping trip but I've doing a lot work around the house and I made the decision at the end of the day to return home and continue the work. (brownie points) .... But not before I got a full day of fishing in on a small high country trout stream. The stream was flowing nicely. In it held the most beautiful golden nuggets one ever did see.
I caught and released many beautiful specimens...

the beast of the day =)

The fly of choice, "the Prism Stimulator" I also used the dancing caddis...but goldens love the prism.

The trip also allowed me to give a friends 7-0 2 piece 3wt quad a good test run...and what a sweet rod it is. Perfect for this small stream where stealthiness was the theme. These guys were super spooky. Many of the holes held more than one fish but usually after catching one it spooked the entire hole. I did see a few big ones 10-12 inches which for this tiny stream is huge. But you got one chance at them and I missed both opportunities (one missed, one SDR).

The rod was able to delicately throw the 3 wt sylk line effortlessly 10 to 50 ft at times the wind gusts knocked down the line like it was string. But a quick reset and a little wrist action the rod had enough power to zip the line through. The rod was real soft in the tip, stiffer in the mid with a swell butt. A very powerful rod. Which made these nuggest seem like monsters. I didn't have the opportunity to roll cast it but my guess is that it will just fine especially with the slightly swelled butt. (I test that next time out =) )

A great rod and great time...I can't wait to get back to gold country.

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  1. cholcomb13's Avatar
    A couple more pics from the trip

    Tried some underwater shots and what a fish tail to tell

    this underwater came out rather cool looking
  2. JohnScott's Avatar
    Chris -

    Sounds like a great time. Really liked that prism stimulator when you posted it last winter, but haven't had occasion to tie and use one yet. Wondering what happened to your photos ?? Would love to see the pictures you orginally posted.

  3. cholcomb13's Avatar
    FYI ... see FOTW 4th quarter 2007