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Looking North

Spring is a late bloomer

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Up here in the woods it seems like it was a real short summer; about three hours worth sometime towards the end of May. My tomatoes froze out the Friday night before the Memorial Day week-end when it got down to 28 degrees and frankly, I haven't put anything in the ground since coming to the realization it could freeze yet one more time. Not pure speculation considering historically it has snowed in Minnesota in every month of the year.

Fishing is slow. The lakes aren't warmed up yet and the warm water types haven't even begun to "come in" yet for the annual "I''ll strike anything you throw at me" ritual of the spawn. Reports from friends all along the Canadian line confirm it's slow and late everywhere. Mushroom hunters too are complaining of low numbers... The ground needs to get above 50 degrees for good Morel hunting.

I pulled on the hippers and headed out into the cedar swamp behind the homestead this evening. The Pitcher Plants are out and Cowslips are blooming in the Diamond Willow plantation, but I still managed to find some ice under the roots of a big ol' white cedar way back in the gloom, and skeeters and black flies aren't holding up - they're out in force.

Another ten days should tell the tale and fishing improve. 'Till then I won't put away my mucklucks.