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First Blog......Report.

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June 4th, 20+ kmh winds, against my forward cast. Was about +14 out. 9:30am-1PM.

Was cold out today with the wind. But I went out anyways. On a large 10+ acre man made pond. Loaded with Bluegill, Rock, Small and largemouth bass.

I mainly stayed close to the shoreline while wading, and tossing my wooly buggers into the weeds.

Started out very good, with a good size rocky. Then it slowed down for about 10 mins haha. Almost the entire time was non-stop catching!! I didn't keep count, but I estimate:

4 Rocks
20 Bluegill
1 Largemouth 9"
8-10 Largemouth under 6"

Was a productive morning for being miserable outside.

Had a few people walking by and asking if I was just there to catch a cold or if I was practicing lol.

Well, that's my first Blog, hopefully the rest to come are decent LOL!