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Gold in them thar hills and let it snow let it snow let it snow

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As is tradition I took the day off today and headed for the hills in search of little golden nuggets. As I left my house at 530am the rain was coming down in buckets. An hour later clear skies......

I arrived at my friends house and headed for the hills it was a clear 54 when we left his house. Half way up the hill he notice that the tempature was now 37 and falling. Soon we were in a memorial day weekend blizzard.

We continue up the road put on our waders and headed out. There weren't as many fish as we were accustom too.

Soon I had my first...

notice the snow and wet fish and fingers....brrrrrrrr took a while to warm up. Which was alright with me.

My friend captured this of me in the height of one of the snow flurries

We continued for a couple more hours and then decided to call it a day (a short day) but all in all a great day fishing with incredible conditions.


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    Chris -

    Very nice ... golden trout ??? That is one that I REALLY want to catch, at least once.

    Neat shot in the snow flurry. It's all about fleece and goretex.