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  1. are you still coming up?
  2. Len,
    Talked to my buddies in Michigan today. We'll be driving out there on May 28 and staying at the Natures Nook Resort, they call it, in Viola. I think it just a BB, but has good reviews and right on a river. We plan to stay there about 3-4 days, so hope to touch base with you at some point. Thanks for the recommendations. Merry Christmas!!
  3. I would avoid the first Saturday in May. It is the regular season opener and the streams will be loaded with anglers. Tainter creek in Crawford and Vernon has a good mixture of browns and brooks. The pink squirrel always is good. This fly also

    Halls Branch in Crawford has brookies.
    Plum Creek in Crawford is decent.
    Nederloe Creek a tributary of Tainter Creek is typically good.

    Give me a shout when you are in the area.


  4. Morning Spinner,
    Two of us plan to come over to the Driftless region the end of May, 2019 to fish that area. My friend is a retired Fire Chief from the MI UP and both of us live in Grayling, MI during the summer. Our plan is to stay with the folks at the Driftless Angler in Viroqua if rooms are available or nearby. Sure would appreciate any advice on streams, flies, Etc. Would also like to meet you if possible. Thanks and have a good winter, John Campbell
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