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  1. Hi Kelly, How are you doing? Have they scheduled the hip surgery yet? How was your birthday? I hope all is well with you and your family.
    So, our plans are this: We drive out of here on the 12Th of July and take about 3 days to get to Mt. Rushmore. 2 days there, one day across Wyoming, might spend the night around Pinedale . Then on to Idaho Falls. If we stick to our itinerary we should be there about Sat 17Th or Sun 18Th. We'd like to fish around there at least 3 days.
    Can you recommend a clean, inexpensive motel in the area? I've called a few to check rates but would rather hear it from a local resident. Thanks. Jim
  2. Well happy birthday Kelly. I hope they let you out of the basement long enough to blow out your candles and catch a fish or two. Have a great day. Jim
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