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  1. It is a leap of faith, but this is a pretty good bunch. Not tons of risk here.
  2. I did the trade - it was with "fishnbrew" in Eastern MD. He's done several trades before. I was concerned about being in a 1-down position because of my lack of experience at doing a trade. He suggested "how" to do the trade (send via USPS, delivery notification, insurance, and a right-to-refusal-and-return period), but pointed out that it's basically taking a leap of faith in the other guy... He was completely honest and punctual. As it turned out, yesterday we both received the rods and agreed to the trade - we're both delighted.

    Thanks for your help, Kevin.
  3. You are right. I did misunderstand. I think you are OK with most of the members of the board. The ones I have dealt with are very honest and strait up sorts. I would hesitate with some of the guys that have joined up since the first of the year just because I don't know them yet. Most of the old timers I would send a rod to on approval with no deposit or anything. The board operates on trust. Most of these guys understand that if they were to violate a person's trust, they would be quickly shunned.

  4. Kevin, thanks for your reply. I think I misled you with the word "swap"...I was talking about a trade with a fellow FAOL'er - one rod that he has for one of mine. We did decide to do the trade "even up" with a right to refusal, etc. We both put our rods in the US Mail on Saturday. We'll see how it works out. I've learned that it's basically a leap of faith situation...I was looking for how it should be done to minimize the risks of either of us gettin' "screwed" - wanted it to be fair, equitable, etc. Hope you're enjoying the Holiday weekend with family and friends.

  5. I haven't, either. There was a rod swap this last fall and they used a set of components that totaled a little less than $30. You might use that set of components. Search for "Rod Swap" and see what you come up with. Everyone in the swap used the same set of components. The only addition allowed was to ferrule the rod. Thread choice and color was yours and how you built it was up to you. There was quite a variety out of that same set of goodies.

  6. Hi, Kevin -

    Am considering doing a swap of rods with an FAOL member...never did one before. Any pearls of wisdom you could share with me on how to do it so I don't get "burned"?


    Paul Mundy
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