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  1. Donald,
    Is that picture on the UK Fly Dressing forum one of you?

  2. Donald,
    I received a used copy of Trout Flies in New Zealand yesterday. It was in nearly new condition other than the fact that the previous owner had put his name in it. That was minor enough. The previous owner hadn't even creased the spine. I doubt that it was ever read. I have a copy of Two Hundred Popular Flies and How to Tie Them on the way as well as a copy of The Complete Guide to New Zealand Trout Lures. I also ordered Reed Curry's new book, The New Scientific Angling - Trout and Ultraviolet Vision. If I can wade through the technical reading I have to do, I shall be able to reward myself. Thank you for your suggestions.

    I also ordered some fiction from George MacDonald Frazier.

    Warmest regards,
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