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  1. Paul, I hope you have a great birthday. I hope all is well with you. Jim
  2. Hey Paul. Haven't seen you on here for awhile. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Hope it was a good day and that all is well with you. Jim
  3. Paul, How are you? The Orvis reel went with me and was the only one I used. I coupled it to a 9' 5wt Ross worldwide 4 piece rod. It worked fantastic. I managed to catch 4 small trout on it on my one time out.
    When I got it I unwound all the line and put on a new 50 yard 20lb backing and tied that to a furled leader. That worked out good. Thanks, Jim
  4. hi, Jim -

    Glad ya made it back safely. Am wondering if the Orvis CFO made the trip and, if ya used it, how did it perform for ya?
  5. Hi Paul, Thanks for the comment on the photo. Actually, it's not a mission at all. It was a residence of the Spanish (Mexican) military commander of the presidio in Old Town San Diego. His name was Jose Maria De Estudillo. It's called Casa De Estudillo. We went to old town for breakfast on Saturday morning, then walked around the shops, and toured the presidio, the plaza and a few other historic landmarks. Jim
  6. Paul, I don't know who you are swapping with. Only caveat I'd have is if the person is new to the board. I sometimes get suspicious when people sign up and just use the for sale/trade BB and nothing else. I have received some decent items from folks here and try to pass that character trait on when buying or selling. For the most part we're a good bunch of folks here. Good luck on the deal. Jim
  7. Hi Paul, Sorry to hear about the surgery. Hope you are getting around better soon.
    Thanks for the invite to be your pal. I'm honored.
    It has cooled down to 104 today with about 20% humidity. I went out to my friend's house to put a headliner in a '55 chevy. It was kind of like sitting in a sauna. I got it in but not finished. I'll do that when we get back from our trip.
    Yeppers. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for a 3 day 4 night mountain trip to Lee Vining, CA. There are 15 of us so them fishies better look out. I'll post a report with photos in the Community forum as well as a fishing report. Best regards. Jim
  8. PRM, Happy Birthday. I hope you have a blessed day. Jim
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