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  1. Hi Colonel - Been a long time, I hope you and your wife are doing OK.

    Are you now living in FL or do you maintain a place in Lexington as well? Anyway glad to see you have posted recently, so that means you're still on this side of the grass. Had a great time on the Fish-In up in MI, and it was great meeting you and your wife. That was the last time I put a line in the water. Do check in here every now and then, actually only a couple times a year. But was glad to see you and a couple others are still posting.

    If and when I get back into FF I'll check back with you and see what's up. Any big FF stories that you can share, or pictures, please send them along ( I'm a full time caregiver for my wife and have to get my fishing thrills through other peoples stories and pictures.

    Hope all is well.........Bob T.
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