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  1. Grringo todays my Birthday lol and I hope "you" are enjoying it I pray your life is going very well for you......... Have an awesome day.. PS: I still have a couple of your flys left you sent me, my youngest caught his first brookie on one of yoyr flies.. i told him it was from the other side of the world..
  2. Hi my friend, I have not been around much but I just dropped in to see what I was missing. If I am here I think of you, I had some good friends here. All good with me so hope it is with you too. Been weathering fires and floods and droughts all pretty much at the same time LOL, thats Aussie for ya. How you been mate????

  3. dang from what I see on the news I do hope your boat is up to par.. Really I do hope none of the flooding is in your area... and you'v been having a good summer...
  4. Haven't heard or seen anything on the BB in a long time from you my friend?
    Hope all is well with you and I pray summer is finding you able to enjoy some fishing, God Bless,
    Check out this link I hope it works for you, if not go to the Main BB and page 2 Christmas from Australia...
  6. Hi Tim... just back from a fishing trip and was wondering if you had your package yet, glad it arrived ok. Are they the same as yours?

  7. Thank you very much for the Blu Duns, I was really excited to open the mail box and see them there. The letter ya put in there made them even more of a gift. I pray for you, and your family's all around well being and enjoyment of life...
    God Bless,
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