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  1. Hi Jim If you have windows ( I have never done this with anything else) start your computer. Keep tapping the f8 button as it is firing up. You will find that you are running in safe mode. Now try to run a scan with your anti-virus program that the virus was preventing earlier. My computer was able to do so with AVG anti-virus which I was using at that time. It ran very slowly but did find the virus. Remove the virus according to your products instructions. The next time you start the computer it will be back unless you go back to a restore point from before you were infected. After doing this you must update your anti-virus and operating system if needed. I would then run another full system scan just to be safe. It only took me about 12 hours to figure this out but shouldn't require more than a couple of hours to do most of which will be waiting for scans to run while you go off and do something else.
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