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    Lutheran sensibilities! Now that I understand. I can tie flies; I just can't enjoy it as much as others. Fly casting - the 3 count for the Trinity of course or the 4 count for the Gospels. My wife, also Lutheran, wonders why I don't keep the fish I catch, a Lutheran conundrum, ain so. (I spent 11 years in Northern Wisconsin.) I also furl leaders (need one?) which I give away to a fly club for their yearly auction-takes me a leisurely 2 hours to furl 10-12 and I do mean leisurely. People want to buy them from me-why? I'm a Lutheran; I haven't because I don't want to worry abut the liability of causing harm to another's fishing day (Ya know, that furled leader is so strong that if and when you hook a tree, you'll break your tiptop and then what?). My flies...a paean of that would be a stretch now wouldn't it.
    I once skipped church and went fishing...had a great day...couldn't tell anyone in my family...God has a sense of humor! Every now and then, I give my excess flies to a friend who fishes and to a boys club who says that they like them. Who knows. At least it clears my bench so I can tie some more. The other night - 24 spent wing BWOs, 20-26. I fished a BWO hatch last year for three days and didn't use more than five flies total. One fly caught 15+ fish (I lost count) at Dam Four on the North Branch of the Au Sable.
    I will pray for you especially if you are ELCA and not WI or MOSyn. :D
    A Minnesota hug for you.
    Thanks for the blog.
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    Fascinating study , I sure hope it can continue.

    Keep up the great work!
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    Thanks for the link and report...