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  1. cholcomb13's Avatar
    Ron, the worm flinging equipment only throws hand tied egg patterns and an occasional nymph....great success on the egg patterns
  2. rtidd's Avatar
    Now HERE is a family after my own heart. That pink rod looks sufficiently familiar, as in worm drowning equipment. YES!!! Train your girls the 'proper' way to fish.

    You can ignore me.. I don't fly fish, I just update this site from time to time, and I just updated the blog software, and this is a test.... Then again.. WORMS RULE!!! --Ron--

    Nice blog btw...
  3. Steve Molcsan's Avatar
    Outstanding report & great photos, congratulations on the new house..
  4. cholcomb13's Avatar
    The girls enjoyed going to mammoth and using there facilities

  5. cholcomb13's Avatar
    FYI ... see FOTW 4th quarter 2007
  6. JohnScott's Avatar
    Chris -

    Sounds like a great time. Really liked that prism stimulator when you posted it last winter, but haven't had occasion to tie and use one yet. Wondering what happened to your photos ?? Would love to see the pictures you orginally posted.

  7. cholcomb13's Avatar
    A couple more pics from the trip

    Tried some underwater shots and what a fish tail to tell

    this underwater came out rather cool looking
  8. JohnScott's Avatar
    Chris -

    Very nice ... golden trout ??? That is one that I REALLY want to catch, at least once.

    Neat shot in the snow flurry. It's all about fleece and goretex.

  9. Steve Molcsan's Avatar
  10. Steve Molcsan's Avatar
    Excellent work! You should consider sending one
    of your flies to Happy Hearts as a fine example to use during one of the camps tying sessions..

    Really nice!

    Steve Molcsan
    Updated 03-21-2008 at 07:22 AM by Steve Molcsan
  11. cholcomb13's Avatar
    Based on a comment from a friend I added a little more wing for the dancing caddis

    I will say that more wing made it a little tougher to tie (You have to see the hook to understand - Search Partridge KA3)

    Top View

    Bottom View