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  1. Flyandtie1's Avatar
    Hey greg!

    Good report on the forebay, Never fished it...yet.

    Keep up the blogging
  2. California Bob's Avatar

    Which forebay were you fishing ? I've never fished any of the forebays(north or central ca) here in Northern California but have heard fishing can be good at times.

    I'm from the East Bay and am looking forward to either boating or float tubing one of them in the future.

    What flies were you fishing ?
  3. Greg F's Avatar
    Just wait till you ask her about the boat!

  4. TyroneFly's Avatar

    I had my wife read your blog and pointed out the balance you have between fishing and family life. Then I asked here about a 8 or 9 wt setup. She didn't say no, but the look I got wasn't exactly a yes either.