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  1. Big Bad Wulff's Avatar
    By the way, with fleece pants and waders the water isn't cold at all..................shh, don't tell the other worm drowners
  2. vipermcgee's Avatar
    I'm a born geek too, so I know about those "free" meals. Always a hook in there though. Anyway, I'm also a worm drowner, but I recently started to experiment with flyfishing. My wife and dad are a little disappointed. They thought I would turn out better than that. They even noticed yesterday that I started pinching down the barbs on my kids' hooks before letting them fish with live bait. Man, I'm a sick-o! Thanks for all the work you do here. I enjoy the time I get to spend on the site almost as much as I enjoy fishing.
  3. fivedials's Avatar
    So...all it takes is to ask you out to lunch?
    Loved your blog.
  4. empeekay's Avatar
    There is ALWAYS hope for the hopeless! Thnx for yur help with the site and wishing you a day of sanity. Perhaps you'll venture into real fishing someday Mike K.
  5. modocdan's Avatar
    Howdy Ron ! You ain't all that anonymous, I seen you around here from time to time. Didn't know you were our tech guru though. A thousand thankyou's for all your work on the site, we all appreciate it. Didn't know you was a worn drowner either, but that don't make ya bad. The way I see it, on the one hand ya got "fishin' "........... On the other, well, ya got "not fishin' " Fishin's way better, and if yer thing is drownin' worms, well then, O.K. You've heard this before, but you oughta try swingin' flies, you can do it and still keep yer spinnin gear. You might like it, then you can get all insane about it like some of us, and build rods and tie flies and fill up yer workshop with all manner of feathers and fur and cork and old reels and stuff.............Glad ta know ya, Bro. ..........ModocDan
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  6. fcch's Avatar

    LoL !! The strangest circumstances can lead to fine relationships.