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  1. bassbomber's Avatar
    good lookin fish
  2. bassbomber's Avatar
    what fly were he using
  3. Steve Molcsan's Avatar
    He look like a kid with his 1st fish...

    Nice shot, good work Len!
  4. spinner1's Avatar
    this fishing trip happened almost three years ago. Aaron is doing fine and he and his dad are fishing almost every weekend.

    "This outing was my favorite trip in the five years I guided."
    There are about three weeks of season left here and about three weeks left of guiding for me. I am hanging up the guiding business.

    I learned may things from many anglers during my time guiding.
  5. Steve Molcsan's Avatar
    Such a remarkable story, may Aaron and his Dad have great times on the Rivers of Thanks ahead of them. They are each in my heart always and forever...

    Steve Molcsan & Family
    With a River of Thanks to Our Troops
    from Happy Hearts on Mom's Pond
    Yosemite, California

    A lunch break in our River of Thanks to Aaron
    and His wonderful Dad...
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