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  1. jeffro's Avatar
    Very Nice Sir
  2. rrhyne56's Avatar
    LOLZ! Hope that all worked out. Boy howdy, have I been away from this page!
  3. fivedials's Avatar
    Boy did you bring back a pretty funny memory.

    Last time I was in Texas I was visiting a construction site, I may be off by a bit but I think it was late January.

    "You must be that Yankee I was to look out for." was how I was greeted by the Foreman of the site. Not a hello and a handshake or introduction but a slam about where I was from. Now, in a round about way, I was there to help his Company get a line of Credit with a Bank. I was sent there to help appraise his equipment; and calling me a 'Yankee' right off the bat didn't sit well with me, especially since we didn't know each other or allowed me to introduce myself. I was also thinking, 'what happened to all that Southern hospitality' I had heard about. This being my first time south of St. Louis.

    Trying to get our relationship back on track and to prove that I was on his side, I played along. "How did you know I was from the North?" I asked. "Well youg man," he said "it's 65 degrees out, my men are freezing their a---- off, and your wearing a shortsleeved shirt. You'd have to be from up North to think it's warm enough to be wearin' a short sleeved shirt."