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  1. vipermcgee's Avatar
    I don't know many flyfishers personally, but the few I have met have been really nice. I was down on my $40 combo I bought at, but several good people reminded me that it was still a flyrod and will still catch fish. I finally cought some just to prove it!

    There are eliteists in every game, but they can't help themselves. The best thing the rest of us can do is watch them carefully. Maybe they will accidentially leave one of those high-end rods behind for one of us with Wal~Mart, or lesser, combos!
  2. DDRRedneck500's Avatar
    yeah i always used to fish barbed because i never heard about barbless but i heard that barbless is better for the fish so i made some of my hooks barbless. it doesnt seem to make much of a difference on hookups
  3. DDRRedneck500's Avatar
    hey great photos! im still waiting for it to warm up before i can get out on the water. thanks for sharing though
  4. DDRRedneck500's Avatar
    hehe yeah i hear ya on that. the elitists in everything not just fishing really **** me off. im lucky though that i never run into the elitist fisherman but its just because i hardly ever see other flyfishers.
  5. Eric-WD's Avatar

    The shack nasties have hit, and debating something like this is therapy for those of us who can't get out due to the solid condition of the fishing waters.

    I think you summed the debate up nicely, But I think that what people aren't saying is that it has more to do with the type of fish one is fishing for than barbed or not, the people who fish all day for one chance at a fish seem to be the ones who keep the barbs.

  6. TyroneFly's Avatar

    This should be a good weekend weather wise. I might try getting out myself Sunday.

    FYI: This weekend is the ISE show in San Mateo.
  7. Panman's Avatar
    Some of the good things about getting skunked is that it deflats your ego and gives you the opportunity to spend hours trying to figure out why.

  8. DDRRedneck500's Avatar
    youre last day before winter break ended was the 6th? man youre lucky. i got off the week of christmas and went back on the 2nd. theyve been shortening our break every year now. i remember 4 years ago we had almost 3 weeks off. but enough of that. back to fishing.
    glad you at least got out on the water. im not going to be able to go fishing till about march. so im just making up for it by tying flies