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  1. hardhat's Avatar
    I agree - some of the best days are time fishing with friends and family. Those moments seem to last thru an eternity. I remember when my son was about 8 we took a break to eat a snack and watched the sun come up above the mountains. He looked at me and said "dad it is moments like this you remember the rest of your life". He was right as over 10 years have past and we still talk about that trip.
  2. ausable_ny's Avatar

    I was up there the same week you were and fully understand the situation. There were fish to be caught for sure, but it wasn't easy. I caught a few on attractors like a haystack, bomber and Fran Betters wonderful Ausable Wulff. Did you stop in to see Fran? The weather was a little too warm for my liking. I understand it was more seasonal the week AFTER we were there...go figure. (I was there the 1st thru the 7th) My spirits are always high while fishing that river because I know there are big fish hiding there. I tend to park on one of the pull-offs and walk up the river a bit, getting away from the over fished areas. I usually go up there the first week of Sept, but next year plan to make the green drake hatch in June. Maybe we'll meet. Nice reflections of a obviously great trip. See ya!

  3. Steve Molcsan's Avatar
    Very nice piece on fishing with a friend and life.. Memorable...

    Thanks for reflecting here...

    Steve Molcsan