Tom Deschaine - Apr 21, 2014

I've deer hunted over the years and it was always a tradition in our camp that the first deer shot was usually consumed in camp during the week or so that we were there.  The only major problem we had in the camp; was there were too many cooks all of whom wanted to show off their talents.  The 'back strap' always went to the shooter, tomato surprise was always served on the last day, but during the rest of the week the evenings' cook selected the cut of the day.  At camp I always prepared this dish in a Dutch oven (at home in a roaster or slow cooker).

Soak the roast overnight, or for at least 6 hours in salted water and vinegar (a mixture of half & half).  Rinse with cold water and dry the meat with a towel.  Using a sharp knife, stick holes in the roast about every 1 ½ - 2 inches and stuff each hole with a sliver of garlic.

Flour well and brown in a skillet until meat is golden brown on both sides.  Place in a covered roaster with ½ cup wine (any kind).  Top with slices of bacon and onions.  Cover and roast slowly; 350 degrees, until tender.  Enjoy !

See you on the water…..

Tom Deschaine


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