Deanna Lee Travis - October 24, 2011

From Viking Vittles published by
Vikings Sons of Norway Lodge #44
Poulsbo Washington 1992

viking vittles

In sorting through several boxes of various and sundry cookbooks I came across this one which has many pleasant memories attached. The people shown in the photo are actual local 'folks' who take pride in their heritage - proven by the fact the Sons of Norway Lodge building is the largest building in downtown Poulsbo, WA. It is also probably the busiest with all sorts of events going on including hosting the King and Queen of Norway a few years ago. At Christmas the Viking Dragon boat sails across Liberty Bay with the current Lucia to preside over the Julfest bonfire which officially starts the holiday season.

The idea of course is to preserve the best of the Norwegian heritage and culture...even if that means eating Lutefish. The lodge also is very involved in the annual Poulsbo Viking Fest Parade, the largest parade in the region. They also have many classes in traditional Norwegian arts including dance.

If you are of Norwegian descent and are in the region you will find a warm welcome at the Sons of Norway in downtown Poulsbo WA.

Here's a recipe from the book to make on a cold rainy fall day (especially if there are kids around.)

                                              Brown Paper Bag Open Face Apple Pie


Toss the dry ingredients over the apples and spoon into pie shell. For the topping, cut butter into the sugar and flour and sprinkle over apples. Slide the pie into a large brown paper grocery bad; fold over the open end twice and fasten with paper clips. Bake in hot oven (425) for 1 hour.
Apples will be bubbly and golden.

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