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Reviewed By Satoshi Yamamoto - Feb 18, 2018

Bruce Staples (2017, Stackpole Books: LCCN 2017034319)

As the title suggest, this brand new book by Bruce Staples covers backcountry fisheries (streams and lakes) and other lesser known waterbodies in Yellowstone National Park and surrounding areas extending to Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Concise yet detailed, also with history and background stories for each fishery, over all it’s very well written, both by author and contributors who are specialists for some of those destinations.

Without spoiling future readers, I can introduce that this book is focusing on tributaries or nearby fisheries of major rivers or lesser known sections of well-known rivers. For example, I live in Livingston, MT, and the major rivers are the Yellowstone, the Madison, the Gallatin, Henry’s Fork, and some fabled waters within Yellowstone Park. Those are NOT discussed in this book for good reasons. I wouldn’t say all the destinations mentioned in this book are entirely local secrets, but they are certainly less traveled, oftentimes requiring backpacking and camping, and definitely less crowded and less likely to be in the bucket list of most anglers (especially among visiting anglers). Oftentimes author and contributors mention/hint a few optional fisheries along with the headlined fishery. Even among Montana and Yellowstone Park waters in this book, there are so many fisheries that I have heard of but haven’t had a chance to visit and fish. Now that list grows out to Idaho and Wyoming!!

The chapter with original fly patterns from contributors is also excellent and full of information as well. These are truly unique and “homegrown” patterns and I will definitely tie and fish with some of them.

Yes I can utilize the fly information for my own fun and benefit, unfortunately when the majority of backcountry destinations are in their prime, I’m busy guiding clients on those major rivers most of the time. Well, I’m not totally depressed or cursing my job, as over the years, I have had several adventurous clients who were willing to hike. Plus, some lake options are seasonally available for my own fun: right after ice-out and before ice-up. Wait! I have my own secret spot and schedule as described ........

Satoshi Yamamoto,, is an outfitter in Livingston, MT

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