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Reviewed By Tom Travis - Jul 9, 2017

This book was first published in 1931 and I have a First Edition sitting on the bookshelf, I also have copy Published by the Derrydale Press in 1993, as park of set entitled Fly Fisherman’s Gold. This volume is long out print and so far I have not found it available on the internet, however this book can be obtained through most of dealers of out-of-print fly fishing books. Try Amazon.Com or Coch-Y-Bonddu Book to name two sources, but there are many others who can provide you with this excellent volume.

This book is an excellent read and was to have a major impact on the world of fly fishing as G.E.M. Skues, Vincent Marinaro, John Goddard and Brian Clarke, Ernest Schwiebert, Carl Richards and Doug Swisher, Gary Borger and many others would all follow the path that Edward West Harding began.

Hardy was the first to discuss the view from the trout’s world and how important the effect of light was on the trout and the imitations used to fool them. Both beneath the surface and the light pattern of insect on the surface, this was very important knowledge that was quickly adopted by serious anglers and fly tiers all over the world.

Col. Harding book will make you think and better understand the world of the trout, and possibly lead you to a new path of understanding and help you to create better imitations to fool the trout on the water that you fish.

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