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Reviewed By Neil M Travis - Sep 9, 2015


Fly Fishing the Bighorn River
Author: Steve Galletta

The Bighorn River in Southeastern Montana is one of the world's premier trout fishing destinations. Originating in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming, it flows northward into Montana where it joins the Yellowstone River At its point of origin in the Wind River range it is called the Wind River. It winds its way eastward and then northward and is impounded behind the Boysen Reservoir. From there it flows through the Wind River Canyon and when it exits the canyon it becomes the Bighorn River. Just before it enters Montana it is joined by the Shoshone River and the two streams flow into Bighorn Lake, a 72 mile long body of water formed when a dam was constructed at the end of Bighorn Canyon just south of Fort Smith, Montana. After the completion of the dam in 1967 the upper Bighorn River was transformed over the next few years from a sluggish warm water prairie river into a world class trout stream. Today, anglers from all over the world come to fish the waters of the Bighorn River.

Steve Galletta is the co-owner of the Bighorn Angler Fly Shop and Lodge located in Fort Smith. He has plied the river as an outfitter for fifteen years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the subject of fly fishing on the Bighorn River. The book has chapters devoted to the history of the river, the various sections of the upper river, and even a section on fishing the river in Wyoming. What I truly appreciate about the book is the fly patterns and the descriptions about how to fish them.

I have fished the Bighorn River for over two decades but I definitely learned some new things while reading this book. If you have ever thought about making a trip to fish Montana's Bighorn River or if you have fished there but want more top notch information about how to improve your fly fishing experience buying this book is a no brainer. Even if you never fish the Bighorn this book will give you plenty of information that can improve your fly fishing skills on any river.

Fly Fishing the Bighorn River
Author: Steve Galletta

Publisher: Headwaters Books/Stackpole Press, Copyright 2015
Paperback, 230 Pages, Full color images
ISBN: 978-1-934753-34-7


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