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Atlantic Salmon Flies

Reviewed By Satoshi Yamamoto - May 2015

Atlantic Salmon Flies – Book Review

Early Attempt:

With the newfound objectives, I was over-excited. Looking back, my head was not organized at all. Basically I hadn't learned any knowledge. Yet, I was thinking of something way ahead: "since there are many materials, can't I create my own original patterns?" I knew it wouldn't go so quickly, as the subject was different from trout flies, but I couldn't help it. Speaking of trout flies, I figured out I could do some practices and trials with materials for trout flies. Some hackles were common. Since I just wanted to get some feel, I could use red rayon floss that I would use for Royal Wulff. Also, coincidentally, all the outdoor department stores in Bozeman, Montana were having a sale to sell out all materials from one well-known vendor (I still don't understand their decision for this move but it worked for me very well!!). I was able to buy a whole skin on Golden Pheasant, goose shoulders in miscellaneous colors, and so on for very low prices. I had more than enough materials to get some feel of tying Atlantic Salmon Flies. At that time, all I learned was "it's hard!!" I have no pictures of my early attempts to show you…

Then I caught up with my mentor and outfitter Montana's Master Angler – Tom Travis before the guiding season started. I spoke to him about my newfound interest. He advised me it would be a good move of mine as learning Atlantic Salmon Flies would improve my entire fly tying skills and interpretation. Then he let me borrow this book.

Review: Building Classic Salmon Flies by Ron Alcott (2004)

This book (Frank Amato Publications, Inc. ISBN: 1-57188-339-8) is very reading for every newbies in this subject. Alcott reviews pretty much every category: history, materials, tools, and modern interpretations. Then he steps into step-by-step "building" instructions. As I learn more from other books and dress more flies, my preferred methods and styles differentiated from this book. Yet this is still a practical and concise book for certain. Though I wish the book could have used more photos of completed flies, Chapter 2, 3, & 4 are great references for materials and interpretations.

Satoshi Yamamoto,, is a guide and a fly-dresser in Livingston, MT.

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