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Reviewed By Tom Travis - Jun 16, 2014

Book review by Tom Travis

Terry Lawton is a well English author with four other books to his credit; and his highly acclaimed book, Nymph Fishing: A History of the Art and Practice was published in 2005.

This volume on wet fly fishing is very informative and provides a detailed history of the development of wet fly fishing and most particularly the Scottish and North-Country schools and the leading anglers. Terry covers the contributions of William C. Stewart who published the Practical Angler in 1857 and the works of Thomas E. Pritt, H. H. Edmonds and N. N. Lee who specialized in North Country Spiders which are still used today. These works played a major role in the development of flymphs and other soft-hackle patterns and contains some unpublished information on James Leisenring and Pete Hidy.

Terry's book is full of information for the angler seeking knowledge and a deeper understanding of the development and theory of fishing the upstream wet fly. My copy is already full of notes in the margin and many pages with hi-lighted passages. This is an excellent addition to bookshelf of any serious angler.

Author: Terry Lawton, Copyright 2011
Published in Great Britain by Robert Hale Limited, Clerkenwell House, Clerkenwell Green, London, ECIR OHT,
256 Pages, Hardcover, $45.00
ISBN: 978-0-7090-8862-2

Enjoy & Good Readin'
Tom Travis
Montana Fly Fishing Outfitter and Guide


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