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Reviewed By Tom Travis - Feb 24, 2014

Book Review _ Fly fishing outside the box



This volume has already had high praise from such noted angler/historian as Paul Schullery author of American Flyfishing: A History and Dr. Andrew Herd author of the Fly along with Charles Jardine one of Great Britain's most accomplished anglers and authors. With accolades like these this volumes arrival was eagerly anticipated and once it arrive I jumped right into the text.

Peter fully explains his theories and how he arrives at his conclusions, he offers wonderfully clear explanations for his actions and his work is remarkable in its clarity and original thinking.

Peter gives a clear and concise introduction to each chapter and if you absorb the lesson he has to impart you will soon be looking at trout streams in a new and enlightening manner which will change your tactics of fishing the hatch.

I highly recommend this volume for all anglers who are seeking to improve their success rate on the stream. Furthermore this volume will also inform readers on certain historical aspects of fly fishing and will challenge you to examine the evidence that is artfully presented. Personally I found this volume to be a wealth of information both from a historical view and a current perspective and will happily give this a five star rating.

Copyright 2013, Published by Coch-y-Bonddu Book Ltd,
ISBN: 978—1-904784-56-2
272 Pages,  $40.98

Enjoy & Good Fishin'

Tom Travis


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