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Reviewed By Tom Travis - Jul 15, 2013

the mayfly and the trout

BY Malcolm Greenhalgh

Malcolm has produced another delightful volume which blends the history of the sport and the insight of an experienced angler into an informative book packed with knowledge and is an easy read. This book is also has a bonus section which is A Mayfly Anthology; a wonderful collection of essays written by some of the finest authors in fly fishing history.

I must admit that prior to my visits to the British Fly Fair International I had never read the works of Malcolm Greenhalgh but after meeting him I soon sought out and read much of what he has written and have been thoroughly delighted with the journey.

Malcolm is one of the best known authors in the United Kingdom and has written on a variety of subjects and currently has eleven excellent fly fishing volumes to his credit. Far too often we limit our reading to our local area however those who wish to expand their knowledge base can do this simply by traveling in the literature of other areas, countries and continents. This is an excellent book which belongs in the library of any fly fisher who loves the sport.

Published 2011 by The Medlar Press,
ISBN 978-1-907110-09-2,
200 pages, $41.00 at present conversion rate

Enjoy & Good Fishin'

Tom Travis
Montana Fly Fishing GuideĀ 

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