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Reviewed By John Scott - Dec 3, 2012

Wisdom of the Guides
Paul Arnold
Copyright 1998
Frank Amato Publications, Inc.

Book review by John Scott

The thing about this book – even though it has been in print for fifteen years – it's as relevant to fly anglers today as yesterday's catch, and it underscores the fundamentals of fly angling as timeless and universal.

Ever want to sit down and chat with Mike Lawson?

Ever want to talk to Al Troth about flies and fishing?

What would you do for an opportunity to spend some time with Gary LaFontaine or Larry Tullis to get their point of view on a range of subjects dear to most fly anglers?

Would the chance to hear what half a dozen more guides have to say about their individual and collective experiences on a variety of Western rivers that are of interest to you?

At only 150 pages this is a short book. Its charm is delivering the message in a conversational tone and style reflecting not only the wisdom of the ten Rocky Mountain trout guides interviewed, but their priorities, their differences, and distinct senses of humor.

Whether one of these ten guides carries 10,000 flies in his truck and another heads down to the creek with one box of his half dozen favorite patterns, whether one believes in fishing at 20' and another advocates fishing at some greater distance, whether one prefers to guide raw beginners and another enjoys guiding any enthusiastic angler, accomplished or not, all of these guides will offer you something to take to your fly tying bench, your home water, or that new creek you've been wanting to fish.

Way too many subjects are covered and points of view offered to go much further or say much more in a review like this. Suffice it to say that the one common denominator to all ten of the interviews is - it's supposed to be fun.

The book is still in print and available from several sources, including It would make a dandy Christmas gift for any fly angler in your life, or yourself, for that matter.

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