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Reviewed By Deanna Travis - Mar 12, 2012

Jack's Drift book review
Jack's Drift
By J.Wilfred Cahill

I'm told publishers really aren't interested in the old "me and Joe" fishing stories we all grew up with. You know, the ones featured as well in Field and Stream and Sports Afield. We learned most of what we knew about outdoor sports from those stories. I don't read those magazines anymore; I suppose I get whatever fishing adventures I need from reading the Bulletin Board reports on Fly Anglers OnLine. There are a couple exceptions to that, I do read books, in fact I just finished Death of a Riverkeeper by the late Ernest Schwiebert – really a modern classic, which if you are fighting cabin fever will surely transport you away from that rut. Another exception appeared in our mailbox recently. To be fair, the author, J.Wilfred Cahill did send me an email asking if I'd like to read it and I agreed.

I don't want to spoil the fun of discovery for you, but let me say the book is mostly true stories of a life fly fishing with Dad and assorted friends. There are lots of fun stories and real characters (some perhaps familiar to all fly fishers.)

On occasion there were bears involved in the stories as well. Not out of place, especially keeping in mind where they were fishing. I honestly don't know of anyone writing today who could do a better or more entertaining account of those adventures.

Dad, who is the "Jack" in this series of stories, has an endearing habit of giving everyone he comes in contact with a nickname. This provides the author, with a nearly endless cast of characters who can be pretty well identified to their positions in the stories just by the nickname they were assigned. There also is a goodly amount of excellent play-by-play fly fishing and you have a good read. All in all it's very entertaining.


J.Wilfred Cahill is a Real Estate Broker with fifty years of lake and stream fly fishing under his belt. He lives with his family in southwest Colorado above the banks of the historic Uncomphgre River. He spends his time gardening, woodworking and chasing his toddling grandson.  Also by J.Wilfred Cahill with Malcolm Smith, I Never Liked Those C-130's Anyway. . ~ DLT

Jack's Drift
By J.Wilfred Cahill
Softcover; 194 pages – (available in 3 editions – e-book, Perfect Bound and Hard cover)
ISBN 978-1-4567-6530-90-595-37288-0
Price: $14.99 US
Published by AuthorHouse

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