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Reviewed By Neil Travis- Jan 16, 2012

Skeena Steelhead review

Skeena Steelhead is not a book about fishing for steelhead. There are no tips on how to catch steelhead, no fly patterns, and no suggestions on places to fish. However, if you are interesting in steelhead and the continuation of this wonderful fish you will find this book to be of great interest.

The Skeena River is one of the most important river systems that still have viable runs of wild Pacific salmon and steelhead. The population of wild steelhead that continues to use this river system for spawning is the greatest of any river drainage anywhere. Unfortunately, like most river systems it has been affected by pollution, logging, commercial fishing, mining, and the development of rail lines and roads and this has done considerable damage to the watershed. In turn, this damage has had a negative impact on both the salmon and steelhead runs.

The author is well versed in the problems faced by the Skeena and its aquatic inhabitants. Before he retired he was in charge of steelhead management on the Skeena. By writing this book he hopes to inform, inspire and motivate enough people that the former runs can be restored. This book is his effort to accomplish this task.

It is printed on glossy paper, and is well illustrated with charts, graphs, and excellent photographs.

Skeena Steelhead
Author – R.S. Hooton
8½ x 11; 158 pages; Maps, Graphs; Charts
Softbound, $34.95 – ISBN-13; 978-1-57188-474-9
Hardbound, $$49.95 – ISBN-13: 978-1-57188-475-6
Frank Amato Publications


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