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Reviewed By Tom Deschaine - Jan 02, 2012

fly tying illustrated reviewI recently acquired a copy of Fly Tying Illustrated: Flies You Can Count On To Catch Trout written by Tom Gauthier. Tom was born in Traverse City, Michigan, and has recently published his first book. A rather bold statement on the rear cover caught my eye and peaked my curiosity: "This book makes one promise. Use these flies and you will catch more trout more often." I just couldn't put it down.

Tom started tying flies at the age of 14 and has over forty years' experience at fly fishing. He grew up near the great rivers of Michigan like the Au Sable, the Boardman and the Big Manistee but has fished many of the great rivers of this country. Tom currently resides in Cave Creek, Arizona.

The book starts out describing his own variation of the Adam's fly. But, more importantly he offers an extremely interesting and fascinating story about the creation of the fly that is all but traditional. His variation of the story is well told and well documented. You will not be disappointed!

Mr. Gauthier continues throughout his book sharing with his readers original and modified fly patterns, all of which promise to add more fish to your creel then you've ever caught before.

After reading his book cover to cover several times I found it to be a very serious and substantial text presenting what I feel are some interesting and beautiful original patterns and modifications of other standard patterns. His own 'Sulfur Dun' and 'Brown Drake' patterns are two of the most beautiful patterns I have ever seen. Tom's 'Sulfur Dun' pattern recently took second place in a tying competition held by Fly Fisherman Magazine.

Throughout his book he offers some alternatives to the standard tying techniques; an example would be his 'Looped Wings' (Wonder-Wing Style). He explains the technique in a manner that really makes it simple to understand. He also prefers not to use a hair stacker for his deer hair wings. As he continues through the book Mr. Gauthier offers a variety of other special and different techniques. He even has a chapter dedicated to the tying of his personally designed 'strike indicators.'

He takes standard patterns like Harry Darbee's 'Two Feathered Hex Fly', Olson's 'Prince Nymph' and Rohmer's 'Semi Seal', adds his modifications and turns them into objects of exquisite beauty.

fly tying illustrated reviewTom Gauthier's book is truly an outstanding testament as to how simple modifications to flies can make a world of difference on the water. For a first time author he is truly deserving of a hardy round of applause. His expertise at the bench is well noted with his step-by-step directions and specific tying instructions. His techniques are broken down into manageable pieces that even a beginner can understand.

Basically, Fly Tying Illustrated: Flies You Can Count On To Catch Trout  is a pattern book, sprinkled with personal touches of history and his personal experiences. The book is comprehensive and wonderfully written. It's packed full of information that's just too good to pass up. It's a delightful book that deserves your attention, and a space on your book shelf. Personally, I'll be tying and fishing some of his patterns this spring.

Fly Tying Illustrated:
Flies You Can Count On To Catch Trout
By: Tom Gauthier
Soft Cover, 81 pages, all color
Size: 8 ½" x 11"
Trafford Publishing
ISBN:  978-1-4269-5792-5


See you on the water…..

Tom Deschaine
Copyright 2012©Deschaine

fly tying illustrated review

Fly tier and amateur historian, Tom Deschaine hails from Michigan where he maintains a website dedicated to old Michigan dry flies and their creators. His flies and tips have appeared in such publications as American Angler, Fly Tyer, Fly Fish America, Flyfishing & Tying Journal and Trout Fisherman.


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