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Reviewed By Tom Travis - January 24, 2011

A Passion for Tarpon

Early last fall the Lady Fisher gave me this book and asked me to read and review it for FAOL, and since that time I have read this volume twice. After the first reading, my first impression was—WOW. With the second reading, I filled the margins with notes and many of the pages are highlighted, bolding the many passages which contained critically important information on chasing the Silver Kings.

The title of this volume is also a great description of the information contained within the pages. This work was obviously written by someone with a passion for Tarpon, and that passion and excitement shines through in every page.
This book is a must read for any angler who chases the Silver Kings. This book is also a marvelous history of flies, methods and the early legendary anglers who developed them. Andy offers the reader a wealth of information on habits of tarpon and how the angler can use this information to choose the proper methods for presentation of the flies to the tarpon.

The other element which makes this book shine is the super outstanding photography of Pat Ford. Besides the spectacular photos, Pat also shares information on how you may achieve similar results with your own camera.

This volume would be an excellent addition to the library of any angler who has an interest in chasing and catching the spectacular Tarpon.

Enjoy & Good Readin’

ISBN 978-09842271-2-9                             
PUBLISHED: 2010 - Wild River Press,
P.O. Box 13360, Mill Creek,
WA 98082
509 Pages, $100.00
Special Forward by President George H.W. Bush
Introduction by Bernard “Lefty” Kreh
Featuring the Award-Winning Photography of Pat Ford with an Accompanying DVD

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