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Neil - Aug 4, 2019

I thought that I would stop and chat with my old friend Dean. I had not seen him in a few months, and I thought that we might go out for lunch and catch up on recent events. I pulled up in front of his house and walked up the front walkway. Before I could knock I saw a sign posted on the door; Gone Fishing. I thought it strange that he would have gone fishing since he had not been able to fish in recent years due to a balance problem that caused him to be quite unstable. I thought how wonderful it would be if he had overcome his balance issue and was once again able to go fishing. I resolved to stop back again in a few days and get a report.

A week later I pulled up in front of his house again and when I approached the front door I saw that the same sign was still hanging there. Perhaps, I thought, he had forgotten to take it down so I rang the bell. As I stood there a man approached me and introduced himself as Dean’s neighbor. He inquired if I was looking for Dean and I shook my head in the affirmative. I pointed to the sign on the door and he smiled. He told me that he knew where Dean was and gave me directions.

An hour later I was making my way through a field of stone and I came to the one that marked the place where Dean was now residing. Etched on the stone were the words, “Deans Gone Fishing.”

Later that day I stopped by a sign shop and purchased a sign. I added a note to my will instructing my heirs to post this sign on my door after I have finished my earthly journey. Just a simple sign, Gone Fishing.

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