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Neil - Sep 5, 2016

Curmudgeon I am so it was with no small bit of satisfaction that I read the following account.

"A young girl from San Francisco has become the youngest gold medal winner in the history of world sporting events. Maxine McCormick, 12, won the medal in this year's World Championships of Fly Casting. She actually tied her own coach, Chris Korich, in the event, with both earning top honors."

It was not the fact that a twelve year old girl won the championship beating out many older, more experienced fly casters but it was the equipment that she used to do it.

"Many of the foreign competitors asked McCormick what her secret techniques were, and what "high-tech" fly rod and reel she was using. In truth, Maxine has practiced casting for four hours each week since she was 8; the rod is a 40-year-old, $50 model her coach gave her three years ago."

Note the key to her success – practice not tackle. So if you think that latest and greatest new fly rod will make you a better caster you might consider that a twelve year old girl won the world championship with a forty year old fly rod that cost fifty bucks.

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