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Lars Benson - Apr 22, 2013

First Trout

My son just turned 4 over Easter weekend. For his birthday we bought him a gift he's been talking about for nearly a year; Spiderman fishing pole. He was so excited. After opening the gift he demonstrated to anyone who would listen how he was going to use it. And in his mind, he pictured landing a whale, despite the fact the pole is maybe 30 inches. :-)

So I grabbed my pole, and he grabbed his, and the two of us set out for some fishing on the Snake River.

Within twenty minutes of arriving, I had a strike. I set the hook and could tell it was a nice fish. I worked the fish and tired it out, then handed my pole to my son to finish bringing it in. After what seemed like hours with several tense moments worrying he had too much slack, he finally landed the trout; a thick rainbow that weighed more than 5pounds. Not a whale, but large enough he was a little timid of it at first.

First Trout

The trip was a blast. We fished for a couple more hours before he needed to rest. My son was only a little sad because of two things. First, we didn't keep the fish, and second, he didn't catch one using his new Spiderman pole!

I told him maybe next time.

Editor's Note
Lars purchased Denny Conrad's flock of birds and is currently planning on continuing the production of quality fly tying hackled. He is planning on becoming a sponsor at FAOL and I would urge our readers to check out his website at

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