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Steven McGarthwaite - January 30, 2012

I created the Big Furled Leader Formula, after about 4 years of working on the mathematical formula, and then I gave it to the world for free use by all the people who make their own furled leaders. So if you want to created a furled leader that has a loop sequence of 13½-12½-11½. That gives you total thread count for the combined thread segments sequence count would be 54-52-50-48-46.

I use a two line method, I know most of you use the V shaped layout that Kathy Scott shows on her DVD Video, but that gets a little to complicated for my furling. One plus for my method is I can always delete a peg position (eliminating the last segment) at the tippet end for a more stout furled leader/tippet combo. I also can start and end my loop wraps on the inside pegs for a different loop sequence of 13-12½-11.

I have a lot more options in creation of my furled leader designs. I mostly use Mercerized Cotton Thread for my furled leaders, it is very strong thread, and not that expensive, available lots of different colors and shades. Tag ends at the start and finish are secured to the outside pegs. I can also secure them to the inside pegs then it would be a 13-12½-11 sequence lot of other options using the two run system.

I furl each side separately reducing the board length by 10% for the left and right runs tacking the small ends to the board. I then transfer the left run on top of the right run, to start the unfurling process.

Big Furled Leader Formula…

I add super glue to the loops at the top and bottom before I do the shorb loop for final end connections. For the shorb loops I use a Knit Picker (they have them at Jo Ann's Fabric and Michaels they only cost about $2.

Example: 13½-12½-11½ loop sequence


Total Percentage 2.194

Finished Length 72 inches

10% of Finish Length added to formula for length lost in furling process

72 inches + 7.2 inches = 79. 2inches (79 inches)

1.000/2.192 = L1/79.2 inches so L1 = 36.1 inches round down to 36 inches.


Peg Positions

Big Furled Leader Formula…

You can use the same Percentage Sequence for whatever length of furled lead you wish that has that loop sequence. So half the work is already done. You can use that percentage for different lengths of finished furled leaders using that loop sequence/thread count

Once I have done the shorb loop, I like to dip my furled leaders in some warmed lacquer, to help the thread to bind giving the furled leader a backbone when casting.

I hang them up to dry, and before they are fully cured I use a damp rag with some lacquer to smooth the exterior of the furled leader to remove any lacquer build up….

I don't use spread sheets, I just do my two part calculations Percentage base of the first length, and then add the 10% to the desired length to compensate for the loss due to the furling process. The finish furled leader should be within +/- 1 inch of the desired length…~Parnelli

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