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Warren Patterson - November 21, 2011

As the years of my life go by I have noticed that I observe more than what I use to. This has given me a better inside look at some people I meet and some that I have known for some time. The increased observation on my part has kept me from posting as often as I use to because I feel I can see a post in a different light than most and it has been an "eye-opening" experience and I feel a good one that makes it easier and less stressful for me to deal with others and, hopefully, answer their questions with answers that they are asking for.

As an example I will read a post asking for information on a certain piece of equipment or technique and here are some responses:

1. You do not need a 9' fly rod and really need to look at an 8' rod because…….

2. I know you asked about a vest, but, you do not need a vest because it will just weigh you down. All you need is a lanyard and an empty shirt pocket. This is all I have used for the last 1,000 years and it works great…..

3. You would really be wasting your money purchasing a fixed head tying vise because a true rotary is the only way to go and is the latest and greatest…

4. You really do not need a Sage, Redington, TFO or other brand because a True Temper fly rod is all I have used for the last 1,000 years and it will do everything that those other more expensive rods will do…..

5. I posted a review this week on the new Frontier 12 boat and posted what I really liked about it and most of the few responses were positive. Trust me, I know that everything I do in my NuCanoe can be done in a flat bottom boat, a canoe, a pontoon boat and other crafts and they may all cost less and weigh less. Maybe the way I use my boat and what I expect from it is different than another craft. I am 62 years old and my balance is not what it was many years ago. My knees are "shot" (according to a doctor) and I cannot do what I use to do at the young age of 42. My "needs" of a craft are different than other people's needs. Others may only fish calm water. I fish fast moving water and need to feel secure in my craft and I am willing to pay more for a craft that I feel more secure in. I did not post my review to sell NuCanoes. I was only posting what I enjoyed about the craft and why, so that maybe someone else with needs close to mine could see that there was a craft that would work better for them that they may not have been aware of. The only NuCanoe sale I am concerned with is my NuCanoe. Let's face it, I am 62 and after many years of working hard, I am retired and I am going to purchase whatever equipment I need to do what I enjoy the most and that is fly fishing rivers and large lakes and I am willing to spend whatever it takes to do it safely so what few years I have left can be enjoyable.

I could go on and on with the responses I have read which do not answer the poster's questions.

I guess what I am trying to relay here is to not reply to a post with what you feel is the best for a person to use because it may be the best for your needs and location. I try to read a poster's profile on some posts to get a better feel for what the poster is requesting and why. I have discovered many things that explain any questions I had on why this poster is asking what they are. For instance, I was curious on a post a person made in the tying section and when I looked at their profile I discovered they were 16 years old. Another profile let me know that the poster was handicapped. A poster's location can tell you a lot about why they asked the question they did. I have read responses telling people that they do not need a 7wt rod to fish for smallmouth/largemouth because they only use a 5wt and it works great and is not as heavy to fish with all day. Maybe the poster's smallmouth/largemouth water has more 4 pound fish and the responder's water has 2 pound fish. That makes a big difference on what gear to use in each body of water.

I guess what I wish more people would do is ask questions before they answer a poster's question so that they can respond with helpful information. Try to find out why the poster is asking what they are. The question may seem unimportant and trivia to you, but, to the poster, it was very important and we need to try and put ourselves in their shoes and figure out what prompted them to ask the question. Just because you travel hundreds of miles to fish every year and a 4 piece rod is better for traveling does not mean a person who only travels 25 miles from home to fish needs a 4 piece rod. Just because you tie thousands of flies and a true rotary vise is a time saver for you does not mean a person who only ties a couple hundred a year for their use would need a true rotary. We are all different and our needs are different and what fills your needs may not fill another person's needs. Do not respond to a poster that the piece of equipment they are interested in now only takes care of now and that later they will want something better because they are only interested in their "now" needs because that is all they can afford now.

Let's all try to be more observant and respond with what the poster is asking for. There is nothing wrong with making suggestions, but, answer their questions first so that they can have more input and let them make the decision.

Now let's all go fishing and let everyone around us do their own thing and only give your input if and when it is asked of you.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest….

Warren Patterson ("WarrenP" on FAOL)


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