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Steven H. McGarthWaite - July 04, 2011

Long time ago, in a place far away (Great Britain in the 1880's) dry fly hooks were "Eye-Up"! Back then the attachment of tippet line to dress dry fly pattern was different than most fly anglers use today.

Today no matter whether if the eye of the hook is "Eye-Up", "Eye-Down" or "Eye-Straight"; anglers run the tippet through the eye of the hook, and then back to the tippet, before securing the two with whatever is the angler's favorite knot of attachment (mine is the "Duncan" commonly referred to by some as the "Uni-Knot"!

"Close but no Cigar!"

Back then, the tippet line, was passed through the eye of the hook, wrapped around the hook shank, and then passed back through the eye of the hook again, before knotting the tippet. This assembly allows the tippet to be on the same axis, as the hook shank, and increases the strength of the attachment point.


PS: Most of the rare (out of print) fly fishing books, are now available, at no cost (or minimum charge) on the World Wide Web, as Libraries throughout the world are converting their rare books that are now disintegrating to PDF.

Below are two url sites that I have used!

Charles Bowlker: "Art of Angling".
F. M. Halford: "Dry Fly Fishing", "Floating Flies and How to Dress Them", "Making a Fishery", "Modern Development of the Dry Fly".
G, M. Kelson: "Salmon Fly, how to dress it and use it".
James Ogden: "Ogden on Fly Tying".
Charles F. Orvis: "Fishing with the Fly".
T, E, Pryce-Tannatt: "How to Dress Salmon Flies".
T. E, Salter: "A Troller's guide for Pike".
G. E, M. Skues: "Minor Tactics of the Chalk Stream", "The Way of a Trout".
W. C. Stewart: "The Practical Angler".
John Turton: "The Angler's Manual".
Leonard West: "The Natural Trout Fly and It Imitation".

These are just a few of the multitude of rare fishing books that are available for free online.

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