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Dick Taylor - May 09, 2011

Can you hear the water songs - Dick Taylor

What do you hear when the river bank is near after cresting the forested byway?

Does it sound so serene, wash over you clean, this bubbling flowing highway?

Will it dance or placid lay where it springs from rocky cleft in its shaded glen?

Or do creek willows sway, concealing the way to the dew dripping ferns of the fen?

When booted foot enters can you feel all the rhythms and the tune of the flow?

Did it whisper so softly or roar in exultation through halos of sun drenched glow?

Every water course you encounter has its own sound if you’ll but listen. It changes seasonally; sometimes daily depending upon many natural factors and other man-made ones.

The fallen hemlock that wasn’t there on your last visit interrupts the natural flow of the stream and it hums a different tune then before. The pitch will quickly alter depending on the output after drought or storm, spring or fall and other conditions.

If you’ll but pause a while and softly sit on that willowed river bank a song will play and tweak the waters flow transporting your worries away.

The blowing wind changes all the tunes and a crescendo of melodies never before heard will reverberate.  Little wavelets may dance on the pinnacles crest and lowering notes will cascade.

Do you remember the hum of an up-river run on a line drawn tight by your prey?

Or the sound of the splash as air borne it leapt with freedom its quest for the day?

Do you hear the swish of the net as you deftly dip the gleaming rainbowed prize?

At the close of the day do the songs fade away or do they forever in memory arise?


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