Rick Zieger - Oct 20, 2019

It has been a weird year for fishing here. We had some very hot weather in the end of May and then it rained enough I thought there was another flood coming. Still I went out to several different ponds and fished in places I had caught fish with flies in past years. I might get one or two, but even those were hard to get. I spent a lot of time changing flies.

I fished high in the water column, bouncing on the bottom and all the places in-between. Fished things on the top, both moving and staying still, but I did not have what most of the fish wanted to eat.

What I did get on the hook was a variety of weeds. This happened when I was in water that was less than eight feet deep. I moved the canoe to see what was happening and the weeds were just under or on the surface. Going out past where the weeds showed gave me about two feet of water to fish in. IF the fly went deeper, I got more salad.

I let the flies drop straight down and hoped to get the flies down between the weeds. It seemed to be a great theory, but the fish were not interested in what I was doing. On most of the days I got enough fish for me to eat. I am not sure if I don’t know how to catch fish or if all the dumb ones have been caught and the smart ones will not bite.

Therefore, it is called fishing and not catching. I will continue to try.


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