Rick Zieger - Aug, 2019

Got a call from a college friend. He told me that his family owned some land and that I would be able to fish the pond. The only thing they wanted is that I not take anyone with me.

Headed off to the pond one morning. Had loaded the canoe and all the necessary equipment. Got to the pond and loaded everything into the canoe. Had a 3 weight and 5 weight rod with me. Silver Goldie Jr on one rod and a black boa yarn leech on the other.

Cast the Goldie Jr first and no success. Tried the black boa yarn leech and when I let the fly drop a long time a few gills came to hand. Changed the other rod to a black marabou leech tied on a jig hook. This would drop a little faster and maybe the fish would like that.

Cast the boa yarn fly out and let it drop. Cast the marabou leech out and let it drop for about 4 seconds. Had just started to retrieve when a gill smashed it. This fish hooked itself. Got it in and loaded in the fish basket.

Started to retrieve the boa yarn fly and there was weight on it. Another nice bluegill came to hand. Continued to cast both out and got more fish on each of them.

Curiosity got a hold of me and I changed the boa yarn fly to a white one.

No interest in this at all. Tried a yellow boa yarn fly. Got a small bass on this.

Tried an Only fly and a rubber legged dragon. No interest in these. Tried a Dr. Mike and a weird hare’s ear. The fish were not interested in those.

Curiosity was over and went to casting the black marabou fly. When I was near the dam the trick was to cast toward the dam and let the fly drop. Fish were hitting this hard. In fact, three flies were destroyed doing this.

I tied this fly using about 1/3 of the marabou on a 4 inch marabou stem. I tied a tail on the jig hook. I folded the marabou back over the tail and made a few tight wraps. Then I wrapped the marabou around the thread to make a rope and then wrapped it to the head. When at the head I made a few wraps around the hook shank to hold the marabou. Also a few wraps around the stem of the hook. This helps keep the marabou from sliding down the hook. Then I superglued the front of the hook.

I kept moving around the pond and picked up a few more fish.

The thirst monitor kicked in and it was time to head home.

Had fillets to eat and to share. Messaged my friend to tell him I had great fun on his pond.

Hope you can get out on the water. Rick

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