Rick Zieger - Nov 28, 2017

It is very hot out and I was going to one of my favorite ponds. I did not have access by the road so I hiked in. I took a 5 weight and a 6 weight rod with me. This pond has some good size bass in it and it is easier, for me to shoot line out with rods of this weight. I also wanted to toss some flies tied with tungsten beads on jig hooks. They are easier to toss with those rods.

I got into the pond and saw that the water was discolored some. We had some rain two days before and this seemed to be one of the places that got more rain.

I hiked around and start casting. I was standing at a place where I have hooked fish. The water was down far enough that I was about 15 feet lower than where I am usually at than the pond is full.

The fish did not seem to be interested in what I was showing them. I moved up the pond and tried again. I gave up on the jig hook as all that was being caught was pond weeds. I change to an Only fly that will stay higher in the water column. I got one bluegill in that place. I moved up the pond and tried again. Again the fish were not there or were not interested in what was being presented.

I kept moving and changing flies. I changed to a yellow palmer chenille fly and to a soft hackle type fly. The change was that the soft hackle was a bead head. Between the soft hackle and the bead there are 4 to 5 wraps of a dry fly hackle. This fly goes under water, but also pushes a lot of water. In my mind that stimulates the lateral line of the fish and might bring them closer to finding the fly. I got two decent crappie on this fly at the next place I tried and I also lost a few more fish that got into the weeds. This is what happened as I moved around the pond. I got a few fish and when the wind finally stopped the fish showed where they were. They all were out in the middle of the pond. There seemed to be some sort of emergence taking place and the fish were feeding on whatever it was.

They were farther out than I could cast to. I tried to roll cast to them, but no success. It was time to head for home since I had some fish to eat for dinner.

Hope you can get out on the water.

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