Rick Zieger - Oct 16, 2017

I decided that I would go to the pond near the University. This way I could fish from the canoe and I have seen a lot of fish rising in this pond as I passed by on my way to and from home. I took a 3 weight and a 6 weight rod with me since this would allow me to fish most of the water column. I got out on the pond at about 6 am so that I could fish before it hot really hot.

I got everything in the canoe and down to the water and as I launched the canoe I could see that the pond was about two feet lower than normal. The water in the pond is used by the University to water the golf course and the soccer fields.

I got out on the pond and started to case but there did not appear to be any fish in that spot so I moved. The same thing happened at the next place so I continue to move. I went to a spot where I caught a lot of fish in the past and I got one small bass when I cast my fly about 6 inches from shore. He may have been the only fish in that spot since no other fish seemed interested. I continued to place casts in places where I had caught fish in previous trips and had no luck.

I changed flies several times but still I was not getting any hits. I lost two flies when I tried to fish down deep. There is lots of stuff on the bottom .

I moved to a place where the water is from 6 to 8 feet deep and I caught another small bass there, but once again no one else seemed interested. As I continued to move around my luck was not improving.

Finally I decided to give it up as lost. The water looked like thick pea soup and was quite warm. I had to wash my lines when I go home due to the dirty water.

I was almost skunked but I did manage to catch a couple small bass. Maybe I have caught all the dumb fish in this pond and now I am in trouble!

Finally give up. The water looks like thick pea soup and is very warm.

I washed my lines when I got home since the water was quite dirty.

No fillets to eat or to share.

No fillets to eat or share.

Hope you can get out on the water and have better luck than I did.


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