Rick Zieger - Sep 19, 2017

I headed off to a pond that is easy to walk into. There had been a deluge the day before and we received three inches of rain in two hours. There was a long chain of red storms on the weather channel and they just kept coming over us. We were supposed to be more rain starting late that evening. That is why the pond was calling my name so I grabbed a 5 weight and a 6 weight that I have not used in a while.

I struck out for the southeast corner of the pond; a broad flat at the east end of the dam. Some place in this area there always seemed to be some fish, it is just a matter of casting until they are found.

A Hares ear type fly and a white boa yarn fly are on the rods. I cast each of these and picked up a bluegill on each. I was pretty sure there are more fish there so I tried the flies again, coming in about three feet deep. I picked up two more fish on the Hares ear.

I moved across the dam and tried again and got a few fish on each fly with a steady retrieve. I did pick up a few more with the fly coming in even deeper. I decided to try a cast where the fly dropped for a long time and I brought it in slowly about 5 feet down. This resulted in a nice bass which was just over 16 inches long.

I continued moving along the pond and kept getting a few fish at each place, either near the surface or down a little deeper. I tried a few long casts and I hooked a few fish but they got off before I could get them to shore.

I worked around to the west side of the pond where there is a break line out about 15 feet from shore. The depth drops about 3 feet and at times there will be fish along the break line and that was the case today. The fly needed to be down about a foot for the fish to take it. As I moved along this area three crappie come to the basket. I think more crappie hit, but rolled on the fly and got off. I really need to get the canoe in here, if it ever stops raining.

Here are a few pictures of the pond.

This shows the west shore of the pond.

This is to the north end of the pond.

I had fish to eat and to share.

Hope you can get out on the water.


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