Rick Zieger - Aug 16, 2017

I had a friend tell me that I could fish the pond that is near his house. So with two rods and more flies than I will use I head off to the pond.

I got to the pond and saw that the water is very clear. There were some weeds around the edge so I decided to start fishing where I am was and work my way around the pond. It seemed to be a good place to start.

I had a 3 weight and a 5 weight rod with me and a black boa yarn fly and a yellow Rubber Legged Dragon attached to the leaders. The first few casts resulted in bringing in salad. The water seemed to be so shallow that I was getting tied up in the weeds. It was time to move and see what would happen.

I moved about 30 feet to get past a tree that I would hook on the back cast. I do a very good job of catching the trees. I rarely land one but I do break a lot of them off.

I cast the Rubber-legged Dragon and I cast the fly out and let it drop before I started to retrieve. The fly had moved a few feet when the rod tip went down. This fish was headed for China, and it turned out to be a bass that was about 20 inches long. After I landed it I returned that fish to the pond.

I made another cast and got the fly about 15 feet off shore and felt a tap. I set the hook and had a very nice gill on the line. This fish cut all sorts of dido’s before getting it to my hand. I think its fun to have the rod tip dance that much. I got that fish in the basket and cast again. Again, when the fly was about 15 feet off shore, another fish ate it. The rod tip danced again as the fish slowly came in and another nice gill went into the basket.

Curiosity came in now and I changed rods. I cast the other rod with the black boa yarn fly and I had a fish hit about 15 feet off shore. I enjoyed another rod tip dance. When I got the fish close to shore I could see two or three other fish trying to “steal the food” the first fish had. They were hitting the head of the fish that was hooked. After getting the fish in the basket I made a 20 foot cast. I let the fly drop and started to move it and instantly I had a fish take it. As I brought this fish in and saw some others around it. I thought it was time to experiment so I tied another fly behind the boa yarn fly and then cast them out. It is legal in Iowa to have two hooks on the line. When I cast this out I managed to hook two fish at a time. It was great fun to have fish going in different directions at the same time. The voice of experience said that I should take the top fish off first. You can make the rest of the story up in your own mind, but this is why I fish barbless flies.

I got a few more fish at this spot before it stopped then moved on around the pond picking fish up at different places. Casting two flies at a time is not something I have practiced a lot, but catching two fish at a time is great fun. This means I need some lawn practice with two flies on that have the points cut off just below the shank.

As I was leaving the landowner showed up and he was interested to see if I had any luck. I showed him the fish and he was impressed. He asked if fly rods were fun so I cast out and hooked a fish and then handed the rod to him. He just may be hooked.

Hope you can get out on the water.


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