Rick Zieger - Sep 5, 2016


On some online site I saw a fly that had flash on the abdomen and that stirred my imagination. So, I produced the following fly. It may not be original with me but I thought that I would share it with you.


Size 10 scud hook
Thread to match dubbing
Orange speckled legs
Dubbing brush using Alpaca fur used on the fly.
A strand of Silver flash


Tie in legs with figure 8 wraps

Wrap flash strand down the hook shank.

Attach dubbing brush and wrap forward to legs. (dubbing can be used)

Pull flash over dubbing and tie it off.

Wrap dubbing brush between legs and in front of legs. Tie off. Clip legs the same length.

I tie these in the black, light a dark brown and also in a white that can be dyed olive with a Pantene pen.

I catch lots of panfish on these.

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